In a significant step towards strategic expansion, the renowned company BonÀrea has selected Maseto Technologies as its key partner in the development of its new facilities in Épila. With a forward-looking vision, BonÀrea has relied on our experience and innovative capacity to equip its latest facility dedicated to nut roasting.

BonÀrea’s commitment to excellence and quality is reflected in the investment of 200 million euros in these modern facilities in Zaragoza, highlighting the strategic importance of this location for its operations. This new phase of the logistics complex will not only house the innovative nut roasting line, but will also see the opening of a milk packaging facility to meet the growing demand in the region.

The choice of Maseto Technologies as a key partner in this ambitious project underlines our ability to meet the needs of leading companies in their sector. Our dedication to technical excellence and our unwavering commitment to innovation have been recognized by BonÀrea, consolidating us as the preferred choice to accompany visionary companies on their path to success.

We are proud to be an integral part of BonÀrea’s growth, contributing our expertise and cutting-edge technology to ensure that their goals are met with maximum efficiency and quality. This partnership is a testament to the trust that large companies place in our ability to propel their projects into a promising future.

Special thanks to Aragón Noticias for allowing us to share their video and to BonÀrea for the opportunity to showcase their new facilities.

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