Orphanage Ibrahim Kisoko


Ibrahim works as a salesman in a cell phone company in Uganda and spends 70% of his salary to buy food and clothes for 43 children that he supports in his orphanage with that only salary.

Aware of this situation, Maseto Technologies has decided to join the campaign created by Softnet to raise money from the company and its workers to cooperate with Ibrahim in his good faith to give a decent life to the 43 children he supports.

GofundMe Campaign Objectives

For the moment José A. Parra has helped to buy food, but the children are sleeping on the floor, so it’s time to involve more people…

José has created a campaign on GoFundMe to buy 20 beds and sheets so that at least 2-3 children sleep in each bed, the cost of this is about 600 €, but they also need school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, books or backpacks … So the campaign is for 3000 €. That’s where Maseto comes in, we not only want to support the cause financially, we will also do everything possible to spread this campaign and reach as many people as possible. Together we can get beds, food and school supplies for the 43 children.

It is time to collaborate with everyone.

More Information


To keep up to date with the progress of this campaign we encourage you to follow Jose A. Parra on social networks. Parra, every week he uploads content to his platforms to show the next objectives, founding an NGO, bringing electricity to the Orphanage, buying computers to improve the children’s studies, trip to Uganda, etc. And to keep up to date with the Orphanage we leave you Ibrahim’s Instagram.